November 5, 2010 - Board Meeting

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  1. Call to Order & Attendance:  Anne, Alane, Julie, Kendra, Michelle, Kevin.  Quorum present.  Approved Oct. minutes.
  2. Project Reports
    1. Cookie Dough: planning for pickup event on Nov. 17th: will order sandwiches & ask for donated drinks and snacks for volunteers; all-call from principal to remind families before  pick-up day; will discuss final details with Otis Rep. (Bobby Nyberg); will bring wagons and hand trucks for parents to borrow; notice to be placed on school marquee.
    2. Jog A Thon:  Overall successful event; discussed improvements/changes for next time.
    3. Book Fair:  Lots of planning in progress; Teachers’ “sneak peek” day will include free massages donated by parent Kerri Threulsen and her colleagues; First Responder special event will also be held on Sat. Dec. 4th.
    4. Duck Store: Anne  informed Kevin Ray that other parents have shown interest in helping with choosing and distributing prizes, so will incorporate those parents in near future.
    5. Parent-Teacher Network: want to work on contacting retired teachers to help with events like Jog-A-Thon, etc.
  3. Additional Business & Reports
    1. Principal (K. Reynolds)
    2. Vice President (K. Ray)
    3. Treasurer (A. Smith)
    4. Secretary (J. Phurchpean)
    5. Volunteer Coordinator (M. McCarty)
    6. President (A. Marzo)
      Fees:  Board approved $10 to file current required tax forms.
  4. Next Meeting Dates:   Dec. 3, Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar.4, April 8, May 6, June 3
  5. Adjournment at 9:30 AM

Networking Goal

networkingWe use our database of PTO members’ e-mail addresses to best communicate school- and district-related issues.  This info. will be used only within the PTO. It will not be distributed or sold.

Volunteerism Goal

volunteeringWe want to provide our members with as much leadership and support as they need to make Southport the best it can be.  Please help us plan and execute traditional events as well as new ones.  Make friends--help out--have fun!

Fundraising Goal

fundraisingWe want to provide a matching grant of $15,000 for new computers and innovative educational software for our students and staff.