October 8, 2010 - Board Meeting

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  1. Call to order: In Attendance:  Michelle McCarty, Tammy Kropp, Julie Phurchpean, Kendra Reynolds, Kevin Ray, Anne Marzo,  Alane Smith
  2. Project Reports
    1. Cookie Dough: 26, 095 tubs ordered; grossed about $28K ($1K less than last year); Delivery Wed. Nov. 17th at 10am; Board Approved $100 for food & beverage for volunteers; will also solicit donations from members.
    2. Jog A Thon: Alane & Kevin co-chairing; Mr. Cooper & Mr. Miller to help; Michelle providing volunteer contact info from database.
    3. Winterfest:  postponing for spring (“Springfest”); looking for co-chairs.
    4. Book Fair:  “Heroes” theme; lots of planning; community guests will be invited.
    5. Duck Store:  Board Approved $100/mo. for reward budget; Kevin & Alane to coordinate to order prizes; Board would like also to encourage donations for prizes.
    6. T-Shirts: orders going well.
    7. Giving Tree:  need to move to office; seems to be going smoothly.
  3. Additional Business & Reports
    1. Principal (K. Reynolds)
    2. Vice President (K. Ray)
    3. Treasurer (A. Smith): will contact CPA Beverly Sanchez regarding current bookkeeping needs.
    4. Secretary (J. Phurchpean)
    5. Volunteer Coordinator (M. McCarty): coordinating w/Kendra for Scholastic book sets.
    6. President (A. Marzo):  looking at Gmail instead of Hotmail; Board Approved $25 to pay a tax filing fee.
  4. Next Meeting Dates:  (Fridays) Nov. 5, Dec. 3, Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar.4, April 8, May 6, June 3
  5. Adjournment at 9:23AM

Networking Goal

networkingWe use our database of PTO members’ e-mail addresses to best communicate school- and district-related issues.  This info. will be used only within the PTO. It will not be distributed or sold.

Volunteerism Goal

volunteeringWe want to provide our members with as much leadership and support as they need to make Southport the best it can be.  Please help us plan and execute traditional events as well as new ones.  Make friends--help out--have fun!

Fundraising Goal

fundraisingWe want to provide a matching grant of $15,000 for new computers and innovative educational software for our students and staff.